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Garden & Outdoor Lawn care

Garden & Outdoor Lawn care

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Submersible Clean Dirty Water Pump 1.5HP Swimming Pool Pond Flood Drain


Suitable for using in battery cars, cars, ships and etc.
Easy to use, a plug can be pumping water.
Made of stainless steel material, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, high temperature.
It is used for swimming pool and pond drainage or draining flooded basements.
Can be used in clean or dirty water,additionally, can be used for some landscape, industrial, farm, and construction work.

1.Pumping out water from ice
2.Pumping fresh water in preserve
3.Discharging of bilge water
4.Emergency pumping on the boat
5.Washing on the deck
6.Water exchanging in fish farm
7.For camping use
8.Car washing

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