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BINATONE 1.8L Rice Cooker (RCD-1820)


Cooking rice just got better with this high-quality electric rice cooker. This cooker comes with a black non-stick bowl and steamer cooking function, making your cooking experience a delight. With the keep-warm function, this addition to your kitchen ensures your biryanis stay warm till the first bite. This cooker comes with rice paddle and measuring cup.

Binatone 16 Inches Orbit Fan Obf-1650


The Binatone Orbit fan comes equipped with high-quality fan blades, an energy-conscious motor and 360 degrees rotational capacity.

Binatone 18″ Standing Fan (TS-1880 MK2)

This standing fan from Binatone is a must-have product. It is long-lasting with a durable body and a powerful motor running a high-efficiency aluminum blade. Its unrivaled features include optimized airflow and a square base for better balance as well as adjustable height going up to 1.5m and a three speed switch.

Binatone AC- DC Solar Inverter Stand Fan AD-1600


Binatone Stand Fan AD-1600  has a long motor life, 28 ribs on the cage to protect you from the fan. It swivels and its height is adjustable to 1.5m. It runs on a silent motor. Finally, it can work at various speeds ranging from Breezy to sleep to ventilation and more!

With a silent operation that makes it suitable for all environments; you can sleep peacefully without any disturbing humming. Running on 40 watts of power and a long life motor, you can be assured of high performance for a long period of time.

Binatone Kitchen Machine KM-1300 (3 in 1 function).

  • Kitchen Machine from Binatone is the most versatile and durable food processor. It has a powerful 1200 W motor which accomplishes kitchen tasks using detachable aluminum die-cast beater, hook, stainless steel whisk, 1.5-liter jar and 6.2-liter stainless steel bowl. It has 6 different speed settings to prepare different recipes for up to 3.5 kg. It offers complete blending due to 35-degree swiveling multi-function arm while operating at 220-240 V~50 Hz. Laced with anti-slip base and robust gear mechanism, Kitchen Machine is a safe and convenient second set of hands.



The Elite series 18” stand fan operating at 60 W, is a treat for sore eyes. This can be attributed to the sturdy body with gunmetal finish and antique brass look. A long-life motor, high-efficiency blades and 3-speed selector switch allows you to enjoy silent and superior airflow. Equipped with long life motor, swivel and height adjustment (up to 1.5 m), investing in this elegant fan is something you will never regret.



Binatone Tower Fan With Music Player TF 5000


Here’s a tower fan that you’ll fall in love with instantly. Not only does it feature top of the line air delivery, but doubles as a multi input digital music system, all the while being deliciously designed in red, charcoal, and grey.


First Ever 2-in-1 Tower Fan with Digital Music System! Stay cool & Dance! How about a music fan? It may sound improbable but that is what seems to be on offer from Binatone the manufacturer in their model of Tower Fan TF-5000M. The fan can be best described as a 2-in-1 device that has an inbuilt digital music console. Thus playing music is a breeze either be through Bluetooth or a USB device and even Micro SD cards. A separate 3.5 MM AUX input is also provided to plug in that external stereo. The remote control of the fan comes handy in putting the music system in the on/off mode, the selection of songs and adjustment of the volume bar. Mobile devices now have another charging source as the fan have a USB port reserved for it.


BINATONE Uninterupted Power System (UPS-1500)


This Uninterrupted Power System is the ideal device designed to supply power-backup to precious gadgets and appliances during various harmful power fluctuations and power cut-offs. These units are designed such that the main circuit is controlled by a microprocessor. Designed to ensure 100% protection, this device is armed with overload and output short circuit protection, battery over discharge protection, built in automatic voltage protection and audible alarm if the main supply fails. With a capacity of 1500VA, this heavy-duty machine has a recharge time of 8 hours with 90% capacity and also works on generator.


BINATONE Uninterupted Power System (UPS-650)

  • Main circuit controlled by Microprocessor
  • Overload and output short circuit protection
  • Battery over discharge protection
  • Built in automatic voltage protection
  • Battery recharge time : 8 hours up to 90% capacity
  • Audible alarm to give the indication of main supply fail
  • Cool start function
  • Works also with generator

Chest Freezer 418L YD # YD-480 Silver Brand: YD


YD iChill- Chest Freezer #YD-4018 – 418 Litres , comes with a fast freeze function that freezes super fast and also retains the chill atmosphere even when the power is out preserving items for as long as possible. The freezer comes in a sleek stylish design, perfect for your modern home.

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