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Binatone Rechargable Lantern (RL 2400)


This portable rechargeable LED Lantern provides 24 LED Light and a 3 LED Torch against blackouts. It has a built-in 6V/2Ah rechargeable battery with an automatic recharge when plugged into main socket.

Binatone Tower Fan With Music Player TF 5000


Here’s a tower fan that you’ll fall in love with instantly. Not only does it feature top of the line air delivery, but doubles as a multi input digital music system, all the while being deliciously designed in red, charcoal, and grey.


First Ever 2-in-1 Tower Fan with Digital Music System! Stay cool & Dance! How about a music fan? It may sound improbable but that is what seems to be on offer from Binatone the manufacturer in their model of Tower Fan TF-5000M. The fan can be best described as a 2-in-1 device that has an inbuilt digital music console. Thus playing music is a breeze either be through Bluetooth or a USB device and even Micro SD cards. A separate 3.5 MM AUX input is also provided to plug in that external stereo. The remote control of the fan comes handy in putting the music system in the on/off mode, the selection of songs and adjustment of the volume bar. Mobile devices now have another charging source as the fan have a USB port reserved for it.




Need the dual duction of heating and cooling at the same time? Well, the hot and cold-water dispenser from Binatone is all that you need to satiate your demand for both.


The house of Binatone presents the all-new, dual function water dispenser. With a powerful cooling and heating power of 110W and 580W respectively, this water dispenser can maintain a water temperature of 100C at 1.5L/h and 850C at 5L/h simultaneously. It is equipped with an automatic thermostat and a refrigerator with ice box. An exterior of ABS plastic and interiors made of stainless steel and copper tube ring, WTD-1920 is high on safety features like overcurrent protection and child lock on the hot water tap.

Glade Lemon Fresh Gel Air Freshener – 70g


Key Features

Volume: 70g
Deodoreizer and Air Freshener
Natural Botanic Essence Oil
Eliminates Odor and Freshens
long-lasting fragrance and odour-elimination
1 * Gel Air Freshener – 70g

Gye Nyame Sofa Set 7 seater


The Gye Nyame is the pride and joy of many homes. It can be yours too. Enjoy many years of comfort from this high quality Ghanaian made sofa set.


Sankofa Sofa 7 seater


Sankofa Sofa set

Affordable and durable. This 7 seater sofa set will fit the whole family and still allow you to welcome guests.

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